ASTURIAS 2014. Comprensión Escrita. Ejercicio 1/3. Para más tests rellena ESTE FORMULARIO DE MATRÍCULA

You are going to read an extract from a short story. For questions 1 to 5, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.


“Happy birthday, dear!” Lucy held the small package. She was incredulous, a birthday present! She couldn’t remember ever having a present to open. Lucy held the small package in her hand, wondering what a wonderful surprise awaited. She shook it close to her ear, only a soft thud, and turned it over and over. The wrapping paper had the name of the shop. She knew that it was a jeweller’s. She loved window shopping at it, dreaming of being a star, wearing precious emerald stones around her neck and silver bangles around her tiny wrists.

Lucy couldn’t believe how important she was to have a birthday present bought the best jeweller’s in town. She smiled at her stepmother. Lucy had misjudged her; here she was holding a little box, a dream! She felt tears of joy well up in her eyes: why had she held such bitter thoughts towards her stepmother? Lucy’s thirteenth birthday was going to be special after all!

Two events were celebrated with a gift, Christmas and her birthday, and she usually received useful presents – either a pair of shoes or a dress –. Had she outgrown her old ones, she might have shoes for Christmas.

She outgrew her clothes long before they were worn out because she only wore her trendy clothes if they went visiting on a Sunday. During the week she made do with clothes and shoes bought at any church jumble sale.

Her stepmother believed in giving Lucy a good housekeeping education. She was strict and expected Lucy to be obedient. She had to be the first one up in the morning to prepare breakfast for the paying guests before setting off for school. Her stepmother believed that those who didn’t devote themselves to work were liable to cause trouble.
On Sundays the knock on the wall was sounded at 6.30, reminding Lucy that she had to get up to attend the 7 o’clock Mass. Lucy reluctantly got out of bed, she had to cycle three miles to the Catholic church, and winter time was the worst, the cold frosty mornings biting into her face and hands.

Her stepmother wanted her to be a good obedient Christian, and good Christians always went to early morning Mass. What Lucy said or thought was never taken into account. She was obedient and, being an only child, she had nobody to seek comfort from. Deep down, she despised her stepmother. However, a good Christian should not loathe and Lucy kidded herself thinking that she loved this woman. Today, Lucy’s birthday, her stepmother’s redemption; she hugged her and whispered, “Thank you, Mum.”